We manage and maintain your website so that for you, it's worry-free!

How our website Managed Care Solution is always at work for you

workerSince 1986 we have been providing customers with “Managed Care Solutions”. These solutions have allowed our clients to have a completely hands-off solution to managing websites. We maintain your website completely for you. Most of what we do is behind the scenes and you are likely not even aware that anything is even being done. As you can see below, a lot is being done for you on your site.

Our managed care hosting solutions lets us take care of all of the necessary website chores. There is a constant amount of software version and security updates that include security patches for discovered vulnerabilities. These updates must be handled in a timely manner and can not go unaddressed for long. Not addressing updates for too long puts your site at risk of becoming compromised and injected with malware or malicious code.

Manage your server and address issues that occur on your hosting platform. We utilize a premium hosting platform to hold and deliver your website content quickly. We guarantee server uptime of 99.9% By utilizing a premium hosting provider we have fast and efficient access to exceptional customer service technicians to address any server-based problems expeditiously. There are many hosting providers who deliver very inexpensive sites. There’s a reason why these low-priced hosts are so inexpensive. They don’t have a strong backbone to the internet, they are putting huge numbers of sites on a single server, they don’t have an efficient and responsive technical support team. Our servers are premium servers, optimized for internet connectivity and speed. They are constantly being fine-tuned for efficiency. Our technical support team addresses issues within minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

Here is what we do for each client’s site on a regular basis.

  • Check for and install Core Content Management System and Installed components for version and security updates
  • Manage your Content Management System. 
  • Run malware scans
  • Run file integrity scans
  • Manage site backups to protect your site and its data.
  • Monitor backups and verify backup integrity

Website & server maintenance

  • When practical, we will assist or make minor changes for clients who are maintaining their own sites. Please note, some client changes are often more expensive for us to correct than having us complete the changes to begin with! This includes corrupted files or major re-formatting that has occurred.
  • Monitor hosting server for possible issues
  • Ensure that your server software and operating system is up-to-date.
  • Address issues on your site that may result from upgrades to your hosting platform or the site software components
  • Ensure that your CMS core and all the components used are up-to-date
  • Install new versions of your CMS and components used and address issues on your site that may result from these updates to your hosting platform.
  • When a site is compromised we take all steps to get it back up and running as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.

There are many core enhancements created and updated by third-party software developers that Studio 9 New York utilizes that are common to most of the sites we develop. This gives your sites special enhanced functionality such as special media components used to display enhanced slideshows, contact forms, backup software, security software, and more. Most of these components are subscription-based for updates. As part of our hosting platform, we incur the cost for all of these update subscriptions so that we may keep your site up-to-date with all the latest versions.


Free minor site modifications for websites we have created

We will update your site with minor changes to text or insertion/swapping of graphics, as requested, at no additional charge.